Spanish transhumant merino wool, therefore, an entire series of yarns with soul and also with traceability, so you can discover the long history behind this wool, using the QR code. Also the names of each type of yarn are related to transhumance and its great cultural wealth. In addition, 25% of the profits from your purchase go towards preserving this activity. 

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Long journeys in spring and autumn, along the cañadas reales (drover’s roads) of Spain. The shepherds guide the sheep from mountain to plain and back again with the changing seasons, in a continual search for the best pasture for the herd. Thus they have created our cultural landscape. Besides, 25% of the profits from your purchase will be directly used for transhumant livestock.


Wool that is 100% from indigenous sheep and Spanish production and that invites you to recover transhumance and shepherding. With the Made in Slow seal: therefore, made locally, with care and respect. A thousand and one sensations. Yarns with soul that take you back to your roots. Lightweight and soft, like a second skin.


Each ball of yarn has a special story for you to discover. Meet the true champion of this cultural heritage through the QR code and the label on the yarn. You’ll see a section with a QR code, which you can use to access the wool’s traceability. The code tells you the origin of each thread and connects you to each shepherd, his flock and the heritage values that you’re helping to preserve by buying this wool.


Extensive transhumant ranching favours biodiversity, and plant pollination and growth, thanks to the manure. Sheep prevent pastures from becoming exhausted and clear scrubland, protecting it from devastating fires. Experts say biodiversity increases on land that is well managed through a shepherding culture.