Let your inspiration take flight as you wander through the rich culture of shepherding. Imagine. While you knit your chosen garment (using a kit based on your favourite yarn thickness: Cañada, Mastín, Huso, Chozo or Dehesa), you also learn about the landscapes, biodiversity and cultural wealth that are part of our history. In each transhumant knitting kit, you’ll get: the balls of yarn you need, with their QR codes (discover their traceability); knitting needles, handmade from sustainable chestnut; your inspiring pattern, to guide you in your project while telling you a bit more about transhumance; our Hidalgas label; and a yarn needle for finishing loose ends. All this comes in a bag made of organic cotton, so you can take your knitting out and about with you. Support transhumance with your passion through merino wool!

You will find in each transhumant knitting kit: necessary balls with your QR code (know your traceability), handmade needles from sustainable chestnuts, your inspiring pattern that will guide you in your project as well as knowing a little more the transhumance, our noble label, lanera needle to end the loose ends, all in an organic cotton bag so you can take with you what you knit

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