hierro-sello del-ovillo de cañada-las_hidalgas



hierro-sello del-ovillo de cañada-las_hidalgas



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You have an adventurous spirit and it shows in everything you do, even in how you knit. Knit with Cañada (it means drover’s road) and make your way across valleys with garter stitch. Climb mountains winding your way along streams of braid cables and figures of eight. Journey transhumant paths in the company of wheat fields and seed stitch. Start an incredible journey! Choose a colour or combine different tones and give life to your landscape. You will enjoy knitting, feeling close to you our transhumant merino sheeps by caressing the wool of balls of exceptional quality.

100 Gr (3.5 oz.) / 110 m (120 Yrds)  Our spanish transhumant merino wool has more than double the number of metres in 100 Gr.

US 13 -15 (9 mm - 10 mm)

With needle 10 mm 10 stitches / 14 rows

Features of our wool.

Made in Spain

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25% of the profits from your purchase will be directly used for transhumant livestock.

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