You’ll definitely need tools for your knitting projects! Here, you’ll find special handmade items for knitters. Each one is unique, and packed with personality. Wooden knitting needles made of traceable chestnut, hand turned one by one, so while you knit, you can imagine the legends of the forests, and enjoy the fortifying sense of being protected. For each needle thickness, the needle is finished with a different knob, inspired by types of spindle.

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Through sustainability, I’m making sure that tomorrow there will be resources for my children, grandchildren and future generations. That’s why you show your commitment to the environment in everything you do. The wood used to make these chestnut knitting needles comes from sustainably managed forests, and is PEFC certified.


A spindle is the tool used to spin. It twists the strands and winds the spun wool. With each needle calibre, you’ll be spinning as you knit, with the spindle on the knob of your chestnut knitting needles with traceability. Hand turned, each one is unique.


Enjoy the feel of wood from centenary chestnut trees from Las Médulas and Corullón. The needles are made one by one, at the hands of a craftsperson captivated by the beauty of this raw material. Alfredo is so inspired by the FORESTS BY MADE IN SLOW project that he’s created a special section in his workshop to make your needles.