Sena de Luna jumper


Sena de Luna jumper

Ash Turquoise Green 5638-5567Ash Turquoise Green 5638-5567Ash Turquoise Green 5638-5567Caramel Wine 5639-5565Caramel Wine 5639-5565Caramel Wine 5639-5565Charcoal Olive 5637-5564Charcoal Olive 5637-5564Charcoal Olive 5637-5564Chestnut Coral 5634-5561Chestnut Coral 5634-5561Chestnut Coral 5634-5561


It’s so hard to find the right answer, make the correct decision, put your finger on the exact word. The Sena de Luna jumper plots a map of life paths and history on your body. It’ll never give you the solution, but you’ll always know what to wear.


All the garments are hand knitted by a group of knitters, in a meticulous production process where each piece is given proper care and attention. This process starts as soon as you place your order.

It takes about two weeks to knit each garment, and so you have to add this onto the delivery time. You’ll be able to enjoy your garment in about three weeks, sometimes sooner.

Hand knitting is a completely artisan production process, which means your garment may have small aesthetic variations. This isn’t a defect. It’s what gives each garment its unique and special personality.

The actual colours may also differ slightly from the colours shown in the photos.

Merino wool has a tendency to pill. This isn't a defect, but the natural result of the friction created when you use it. You can remove the pilling by gently pulling it off.

Your garment will come with washing and care instructions.

In all our products you will find a QR code to access their traceability. Discover its unique history and its protagonists.

25% of the profits from your purchase will be directly used for transhumant livestock.

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The time required to knit each of the garments is about two weeks, to which must be added of shipping. You can enjoy your garment in approximately 3 weeks, sometimes before. This process begins at the moment in which you make your order.