Our collaborators#Laura G. Bécares

Our collaborators
Laura G. Bécares

All LAS HIDALGAS garments, whether you buy them as a kit or hand-knitted by our knitters in their workshops, are inspired by the magical and natural world that accompanies transhumance.

Places, objects, uses, customs, natural phenomena . . . We want to show you all the enchantment of this popular wisdom and culture associated with 800 years of tradition. Considering that an image is worth more than a thousand words, what better solution than to ask Laura to represent each word and expression with one of her drawings?

Laura G. Bécares has a degree in fine art, from the University of the Basque Country, and a diploma in art therapy from Metáfora College, Barcelona. Her primary line of work is producing editorial illustrations for children and young people. Besides this, she gives art workshops for children, where she investigates creative possibilities among little ones. Laura is also an art mediator in social-educational intervention projects, where she works with different groups in risk of social exclusion.

Acuarela y tinta sobre papel para disco Oarvulas-Nanas de Isamill-Laura-G-Becares-Las-Hidalgas

Laura’s illustrations are based on simple strokes, and firm, sinuous lines that clearly define shapes, but that leave it to the imagination to produce a more detailed description. Figurative elements are juxtaposed with abstract ones. The two are united through her free and vivacious use of colour. With a tendency towards bareness, her work takes the onlooker to a place where emotions and sensations become more direct and intense.

The drawings she has created based on the different transhumant sources of inspiration suggested by LAS HIDALGAS have given rise to a wonderful collection of watercolours, replete with sensitivity, freshness and natural simplicity. A breath of rural air that lets us re-live the transhumant past.

Ilustracion digital para cuentos Navidad en su tintal-Laura-G-Becares-Las-Hidalgas

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